624 HOWDEN ROOTS BLOWER 82147020 Positive Displacement Blowers
Dresser ROOTSRCS Blower Replacement

RAM 624 ROOTS BLOWER 82147020


RAM rotary blowers are heavy-duty units designed with integral-shaft ductile iron impellers having an involute profile. The headplates and rigid, one-piece casing are grey iron, while the drive end cover and gear cover are aluminum. Carburized and ground alloy steel spur timing gears are taper mounted on the shafts, secured with a locknut. Cylindrical roller bearings are used on all units.

Piston rings reduce air leakage through the shaft openings in the headplates, and lip-type oil seals prevent lubricant from entering the air chamber. A hydrodynamic seal on the drive shaft prevents shaft seal oil leaks. RAM rotary blowers incorporate thrust control, with splash oil lubrication at both ends of the blower. All frame sizes are designed with detachable rugged steel mounting feet which permit in-field adaptability to either vertical or horizontal installation requirements. The top shaft is extended for drive on side outlet blowers, and either shaft can be extended for drive on top or bottom outlet blowers.

  • Max Flow: 3244 CFM
  • Max Pressure: 10 psi
  • Max Vacuum: 16″ Hg
  • Max Speed: 3000 RPM
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 790 lbs
  • SHIPPING DIMENSIONS: 54 × 32 × 29 in
  • MANUFACTURER: Howden Roots

Frame Sizes:



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