Roots Blower Repair

Air Blower Services provides repair and services on all brands of positive displacement blowers, regenerative blowers, and vacuum pumps. We are factory authorized to perform work and we use genuine OEM parts in our repairs. We also sell kits to repair any type of positive displacement blower. For more information please call or look at our list below to see what air blowers we service & repair.

When you send your positive displacement blower to Air blower services, we disassemble and inspect the unit and report its current condition and what actions are required to restore the unit. If it's in your best interest to repair the unit, we then rebuild the unit to factory tolerances, including any required machining. Painting the unit, cleaning the head plates and bead blasting of impellers and cylinders are included in the repair.

Before returning your blower, we also mechanically test every blower to ensure the unit meets factory standard.

Positive Displacement Blowers:

Dresser Roots, Gardner Denver, Sutorbilt, Duroflow, Cycloblower, Triflow, Heliflow, Tuthill, MD Pneumatics, Competitor, PD Plus, Equalizer, Kaeser Omega, Hibon, Aerzen, Robuschi, Spencer

Regenerative Blowers:

All-Star, Rietschle, Spencer, Siemens, Rotron, Fugi, Gast, Republic, ElmoVacuum


Rietschle, Becker, Busch, Gast, Orion, Lebold, Seargent Welch, Edwards, Alcatel, Dekker