SPENCER VORTEX BLOWER VB055XP Three Phase Explosion-Proof Motor


  • Flow to 370 cfm
  • 7 1/2 hp
  • NEMA Class B Insulation Pilot duty thermal protection Class I, Group D; Div 1 Class II, Groups F and G
  • Sealed Bearings
  • UL Listed, CSA Certified Motor
  • Viton® Shaft Seal
  • High temperature anaerobic sealant
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Compact, lightweight design

Single stage blower with C-faced motor in a small package.

Aluminum castings reduce weight.

Excellent performance range

Volumes to 645 SCFM.

Vacuum ratings to 104" H20.

Pressures to 108" H20.


Long-life reliability

Cast aluminum impeller and housing for high strength.

Simple construction with only five major components—base, housing, impeller, bearings, motor.

Sealed bearings prevent contaminant failure.

Single annular compression cell prevents heat stress failure.

Double lip elastomeric shaft seal minimizes leaks.

Fully retained impeller prevents vane fracture and blower failure.

Single seal gap reduces tolerance requirement and blower failures during high temperature operation.


Oil-free air delivery

No hydrocarbon entrainment.

Suitable for healthcare and scientific applications.


Less heat and noise

Single-sided impeller with single vortex generates less heat and noise than "paddle wheel" designs.

Unique annular chamber with smooth laminar airflow lessens noise.

Aluminum housing offers excellent heat dispersion.


Application flexibility

Constant velocity blower has no pulsation or surging.

All blowers can be run in reverse without loss of performance.

All TEFC models can operate on 50 Hz without modification.