RAS-J®Positive Displacement Blowers - Dresser ROOTS



RAS-J series Whispair blowers are heavy duty units for continuous service featuring a proprietary design that reduces noise, pulsation, and horsepower levels over conventional blowers. An exclusive wrap-around plenum and Whispairâ„¢ jet eliminate rapid backflow of air into the blower from the discharge area - a major problem with conventional blowers.

  • Flow Rates: 1300 - 43200 ICFM (2210 - 73440 m179;/hr)
  • Pressures: No more than 20 PSI (No more than 1379 mbar)
  • Vacuum: No more than 16 INHgV (No more than 539 mbar)
  • Horsepower: 30 - 2010 bhp (22 - 1500 kw)

Frame Sizes:

1006J, 1009J, 1012J, 1016J, 1018J, 1021J, 1024J, 1030J, 1212J, 1216J, 1220J, 1222J, 1225J, 1228J, 1236J, 1414J, 1418J, 1422J, 1425J, 1428J, 1431J, 1435J, 1442J, 1616J, 1620J, 1625J 1627J, 1630J, 1633J, 1639J, 1643J, 1648J, 1821J, 1821J, 1824J, 1827J, 1830J, 1833J, 1838J, 1841J, 1845J, 1849J, 1854J, 2022J, 2026J, 2033J, 2037J, 2040J, 2044J, 2047J, 2050J, 2055J, 2057J, 2060J, 2062J, 2064J




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