I can't make out anything on my blower nameplate. How do I know what model I have, so I can order replacement parts?

Each blower model contains key dimensions and characteristics. These things make your blower unique from other models manufactured by Roots.

You can determine which model is your blower model by taking the following steps:

  • Measure the shaft diameter
  • Measure the connection size
  • Measure the distance between the shaft centers
  • Measure the cylinder length

Once you have taken all of the appropriate measurements, ask questions to determine other key features:

  • Does your blower have a threaded or flanged air or gas connection? Or does it require a special adapter?
  • Are the feet bolted on or are they cast as part of the headplate?
  • Is the gearbox cover made from cast iron or is it composed of aluminum?
  • How does air or gas flow through the unit when it is in operation? Does it move side to side or from top to bottom?

Answering these questions, along with the measurements, should give you enough specifications to determine which blower model you own. If you still cannot find out, you can always check out photos of the blowers sold on the Air Blower Services website and browse through pictures of each Roots blower model to see which one most closely matches your own.