Grease is accumulating under the shaft area of my URAI. Should I be worried about it?

It is normal for URAI that uses grease as a drive end lubricant to have grease build up under the shaft area. The drive end contains two bearing cavities and each cavity holds an individual bearing. Each bearing is lubricated through a Zerk fitting. One of the jobs required in blower maintenance is to pump new grease into each of the Zerk fittings on a weekly basis. You should pump enough grease into the fitting until you see a small amount of grease ooze out of the grease vent. This helps the drive end stay properly lubricated through each use. The grease heats up each time you operate the blower and it is expelled through the grease vent. This leads to a pile of grease building up directly under each vent. Make an effort to clean up the vented grease after you are finished using the blower. Since grease is expelled from the blower regularly during use, you need to grease the unit a minimum of once per week to keep it operating properly.